Member of the ABA Section of International Law, ABA International Environmental Law Committee, International Intellectual Property Committee, and International Commercial Dispute Resolution Committee
Judge Bassler has presided over, ruled on, and been involved with many international disputes including: 
  • In re Nazi Era Cases Against German Defendants Litigation referred to Judge Bassler by the Multidistrict Litigation Panel
    • Court approved plaintiffs' voluntary dismissal of actions with prejudice as a condition of proposed historic settlement on an international level of claims by Holocaust slave laborers under which payments would be made to victims from a fund created by German industry and the German Government and administered by the German Foundation
    • Plaintiff's claims alleging defendants' complicity with the Nazi regime in violation of international law were dismissed as nonjusticiable under the political question doctrine and the Joint Statement and the Executive Agreement
    • Plaintiffs' action to enforce interest obligations contained in settlement with the German Foundation was dismissed as non-justiciable and barred by the political question doctrine
    • Court dismissed claims by victims of property appropriation by German government during World War II for lack of personal jurisdiction over defendants, who did not have minimum contacts with the transferor forum, the Southern District of New York
    • Court did not retain jurisdiction to enforce settlement in dismissed cases and could not issue declaratory orders; plaintiffs' requested relief to interpret the parties' rights and obligations under the settlement and to order German Industry to make additional payments into the Foundation was denied
    • Plaintiff's claim against German company and its American subsidiaries for damages resulting from forced labor during World War II was dismissed with prejudice on the grounds that it was a non-justiciable political question and that international comity required dismissal
  • Breach of contract suit by an American corporation against a Canadian corporation, the Hague Convention authorized service of process and the Canadian process server was competent to effect service of process under Hague Convention
  • Matter involving father's petition to return his child to Israel pursuant to the Hague Convention On the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, as implemented in the International Child Abduction Remedies Act (ICARA), was denied because child's habitual residence was not Israel, but the United States, and retention in this country by the mother was not wrongful under the Convention