A frequent speaker before a variety of professional organizations, Judge Bassler has been a participant in the Georgetown University Law Center CLE Program "Litigating Employment Cases: Views from the Bench" and in the Practicing Law Institute Seminar "How to Prepare and Conduct Markman Hearings," among others. He was a faculty member at the conference on "New Developments in Patent Claim Construction" sponsored by Law Seminars International.
Judge Bassler has presided over, ruled on, and been involved with numerous intellectual property disputes including: 
  • Case addressing defendant's application to bifurcate liability and damages issues from willfulness issues for both trial and discovery
  • Case involving application for injunctive relief for trademark infringement and trademark dilution claims
  • Case involving application for preliminary injunction by plaintiff generic drug manufacturer
  • Case involving Hatch-Waxman Amendments in approving plaintiff manufacturer's generic drug and finding that manufacturer was ineligible for exclusive marketing period
  • Case raising issue whether in design patent infringement case defendant's motion to dismiss action as second filed should be denied because defendant had engaged in bad faith "race to the courthouse" by filing action in another district
  • Dispute as to whether defendant should be compelled to pay expert's fees pursuant to an existing court order
  • Dispute as to whether plaintiff lacked standing to obtain declaratory judgment for patent infringement claim where defendant had not sold any infringing product
  • Dispute involving claim for patent infringement of mechanical patent and design patent
  • Dispute over production of drafts of co-promotion agreement reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence in patent case in District of Maryland
  • Dispute whether plaintiff failed to establish a substantial controversy warranting issuance of declaratory judgment
  • Dispute whether plaintiff's patent was not infringed because of defendant's evidence that crystalline pamidronate disodium with water of crystallization did not form in defendant's commercial process
  • Infringement claim involving copyright owners of architectural designs and plans for a house
  • Infringement claim involving tamper-evident envelope
  • Issue whether security bond posted by plaintiff should be increased to include marketing expenses, cost of compliance with injunction requiring eventual destruction of existing inventory, and the loss of present value of product's brand name
  • Patent claim by a generic drug manufacturer against the owner of a patent and the manufacturer's application to produce a generic version of the drug
  • Patent infringement claim involving a mechanical for a hand stamp
  • Patent matter involving disputed claim terms related to a treatment for ear infection
  • Trademark case presenting issue as to whether expert testimony was admissible under Daubert standard